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Perspective: Where we were is where you are

We were (and still are) merchants, and we know you've got to fight fraud Player vs Player: Merchant vs Fraudster.  Shared knowledge and experience are the power ups that build a strong anti-fraud effort and keep it running smoothly. 

A lot of our best experience comes from previous and current clients in the video game world, so that's a space we know well.  Why does that matter? A majority of fraud STARTS in the video game world and then migrates to merchants in other online spaces.  So by working with gaming clients, we stay up-to-date, fighting on the bleeding edge of digital fraud, and we bring that experience to you. 

Services and Tools: What You Need to Win

Everyone needs access to fraud and payment tools alike.  But the big issues many merchants face include complexity of integration, old technology, or just lack of resources.  FraudPVP fixes those issues and makes it easy and inexpensive for large and small companies to have the tools they need to beat fraud.

We offer a simple-to-set-up anti-fraud service that takes very little code to implement. Once in place, it automatically, with no hands-on fraud team and no fine-tuning or work from your staff, keeps you safe from the types of fraud smaller companies tend to see.  All of your basics are covered for a monthly fee.  Additionally, we provide industry leading reporting and statistics.  You may even end up using our dashboard for the cutting-edge information that will help you run your business.

Basic Anti-Fraud: Specifics

  • Login Protection and Monitoring
  • Prevent brute force logins, bots, spam logins and account take overs
  • IP Geo location
  • IP Network Reputation
  • VPN/Proxy/Tor Detection
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Device Network Reputation
  • Risk Scoring of IP and/or Device
  • Velocity Monitoring
  • Rules Engine:
  •         Make decisions based on above, and on variables you can pass in
  •         Decide to Allow, Review, Block or just monitor/alert
  •         Dynamic user configurable rules engine (coming soon)
  •         Email Validation and/or Verification and Reputation Scoring

Ecommerce Transaction Anti-Fraud
Lower chargebacks and fraud from your credit card and alternative payment transactions. Includes all basic features plus:

  • Payment Card Data (BIN)
  • Velocity Monitoring
  • Fraud Data Network Access
  • Machine Learning Fraud Scoring based network and merchant data
  • Dynamic User Defined Fields including Velocities
  • Advanced Rules Engine: Automatically generates rules based on Machine Learning suggestions - Automatically calculates predicted outcomes based on new rule/model settings

Visa VMPI and Fraud Alerts

  • Visa’s new Purchase Inquiry System (VMPI)
  • Intercept chargebacks before they happen
  • Save the sale at the time of the customer contacting the bank
  • Visa Real Time Fraud Alerts (TC40) - Receive Visa fraud alerts in real time - no more CSVs unless you want them
  • Fraud alerts work in our queue or via API
  • Fraud alerts automatically load into FraudPVP or other top fraud systems
  • Fraud alerts are "Processor Agnostic" (work with any processor)
  • Learn more about our VMPI service by visiting our VMPI information page (click here)

Investigative and Management Tools

  • Email Checking (verification and score)
  • Device Checking
  • IP Checking
  • Linking (via account, card, IP, device)
  • Dynamic queues and rules
  • Automation of queues and actions with rules engine

Coming Soon

  • More tools to make merchant lives easier!
  • Possible PayPal Automation and Easier Access (Queues / Searching, Handling Disputes)
  • Stripe Integration / Tools
  • What do you wish was easier to handle as a merchant or you don’t have time to build internally?  Let us know!

Delivery: Integrated or soon to be integrated with many processors, CRMs, PSPs

Pricing: Contact us for info on affordable solutions for your business!

About Scott, the Fraud Boss

Scott Adams is well known and respected in the online business community, the card-not-present payment community, and the affiliate and Internet marketing community. He successfully combines exceptional IT skills and cutting-edge anti-fraud mechanics to solve problems and quickly improve a company’s ROI.

Scott is not a consultant or mentor. He is an "evolutioneer." He doesn't just give companies advice on how to level up their strategies and power up their fraud fighting; he fights right alongside them to help them reach new heights of success, even building out new, tailored tools and technology when necessary.

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Pricing: Affordable Weapons to Fight Fraud

Our various fraud-fighting tools and services are available for a set schedule of monthly fees. Contact us to learn more.

Don't allow fraudsters to get a foothold in your business because you aren't a fraud expert.  Focus on what you're good at and what you started your business to do.  Build that game.  Sell a great product.  Provide an incredible service.  Don't waste your time trying to learn everything about fraud, and don't waste your valuable engineering and IT resources building tools.

We have that covered.

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